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Asset planning is something that most families struggle with. However, you can overcome the confusions associated with asset planning by working along with a well reputed asset planning law firm out.

Alongside family asset planning, The Michels Law Firm is offering numerous other services which include estate planning, business litigation, healthcare law, elder law assistance. Let’s deep dive and learn more details on the services offered by the team at The Michels Law Firm.

Spring1. Estate Planning

Estate preparation entails more than just creating a will. Wills can be simple or complex, depending on the family’s income, assets, the number and age of family members, the family’s tax situation, and a variety of other factors. While numerous “do-it-yourself” estate planning programs are available, it is always better to have wills and trusts written up by an attorney who is up to date on state and federal regulations and tax rules. Many attorneys now establish a durable power of attorney and a health care proxy for their clients. If you are looking for these services in Spring, TX, call our experienced attorneys to discuss your estate planning needs.

One of the major goals of estate planning is to transfer your assets according to your desires when you pass away, but excellent planning prioritizes meeting your current needs.

2. Healthcare Law

Estate PlanningHealthcare law can benefit clients to get all the legal assistance needed when taking good care of their overall health and wellbeing. Healthcare law is something that focuses more on the long-term care planning. It will help people prepare themselves for medical needs. Our lawyers will be able to attend to the desired degree of care and comfort needed by our clients. This will eventually prepare them for the expenses associated with healthcare.

People who seek the assistance of The Michels Law Firm can figure out the best Medicare plans available out there to consider. We provide the appropriate assistance needed for the people in Spring, TX and surrounding areas.

3. Business Litigation

Business litigation is all about resolving disputes that take place. In most instances, people tend to seek the assistance of litigation law when multiple family members are working for the same business. All their interests in the business will be taken into consideration by our expert lawyers. The business litigation lawyers at The Michels Law Firm can address any legal problem or dispute that could arise in a business. We provide comprehensive litigation services to businesses across Spring, TX.

Business Litigation4. Probate

When a person dies, family members or others who are interested in the estate look for the will, if there is one, and call an attorney to represent the estate. If there is no will, the estate’s attorney will arrange for the probate of the will or the qualification of a competent person to accept responsibility for the estate’s administration. The attorney will draft the required court documents for submission with the probate court and will represent the personal representative during the court proceedings and subsequent estate administration.

5. Nominal Charges

The law firm will also take nominal charges from you. This will help you to keep your expenses low as much as possible as you go ahead and try to obtain the legal services that are available. A minimal fee can refer to any sort of minor price or payment. The amount of a minimal charge has no set definition. Nominal fees can be set in the form of flat rates or percentages, and they can cover a wide variety of actual expenditures. It’s especially crucial to understand how a certain nominal charge is computed before agreeing to pay it.

No matter what, you can make sure that you are not spending a fortune to obtain the legal services that are available.

Community Leadership6. Experience

When you are hiring a law firm, you should pay extra attention to experience. Joe Michels formed The Michels Law Firm in 2012 after working as partner at some of the largest law firms in the country for over 25 years. Our lawyers can deliver positive results to you based on previous experience. The Firm has grown since 2012. We are now a team of 6 dedicated professionals with decades of experience in The Woodlands, TX and the surrounding areas

7. Community Leadership

Finally, it is possible to see how The Michels Law Firm is maintaining community leadership in the Spring, TX area. You will be able to work alongside our experts and receive top-notch services that are available to you. Our goal is simple – to deliver results to businesses and individuals at an affordable price. Whether it’s a jury trial with the future of the company hanging in the balance, crafting a wise estate plan to protect your assets, or navigating the maze of complex legal issues unique to the elderly and disabled, the Michels Law Firm delivers results.

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