Healthcare Lawyers In Houston Texas

In this article, you will learn…

  • What services our firm provides to clinics and hospitals,
  • What requirements exist for hiring a medical director, and
  • Why physicians may have their hospital privileges removed.

Serving Clinics, Hospitals And Healthcare Providers In Houston, Texas

Our firm can provide guidance to a clinic or hospital on the process of hiring a doctor, including…

  • How much they can pay a doctor,
  • What they can and cannot do when hiring a doctor,
  • How much they can charge a doctor to rent office space, and
  • Medical director agreements.

When hiring a medical director, a hospital has to make very sure that the medical director…

  • Has explicit duties,
  • Has compensation within the local market,
  • Is a member of the medical staff, and
  • Is credentialed.

The members of the medical staff get to decide who gets to become a member and who isn’t a member. They also get to decide that certain doctors who have credentials shouldn’t have them. In order to see and treat a patient in the hospital, the physician must be credentialed.

I have spent about 15 years of my life working with the HCA hospital system, which is the largest in the country. Getting rid of doctors who shouldn’t be practicing is a very complicated process. It’s heavily weighted against the physician and it’s something most physicians don’t understand until they’re already caught up in it. It can be a very difficult time for them and my firm is there to help.

Why Do Hospitals Need Texas Healthcare Lawyers

Hospitals like to control what goes on in their hospital. They also want to make sure that the professionals who are on their medical staff, but who aren’t employees of the hospital, are respectful, collegial, cooperative, and collaborative. These professionals simply have the privilege of seeing patients in that hospital, so if they can have their privileges pulled if they…

  • Treat staff inappropriately,
  • Curse, yell, or scream in the operating room,
  • Show up drunk, or
  • Otherwise act in a way unbecoming.

It’s very, very hard to overcome having your privileges pulled once they’ve done that, so that’s a major issue that hospitals have. They’ve written rules that are very much in their favor.

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